Hanhiniitty Smithy (Shopping, handicraft and handmade)

I am Martti Malinen, a blacksmith. At the Hanhiniitty workshop on Niinisaari island in Puumala, I forge traditional, high quality handicraft products all year round. My product range includes sheath knives, axes, log-working tools, construction hardware and various other forged products, including custom-made products. The sales exhibition, located next to the workshop, is open during the summer. At other times of year, my products are available by mail order or by arranging a workshop visit. All of my products are unique, so you can order them according to your own measurements or material wishes, or with an inlay bearing your initials.

In addition to making products in the forge, I aim to contribute to preserving the blacksmith’s tradition by holding various forging exhibitions and forging courses to share the secrets of a blacksmith’s work. Come and find out more!


An opportunity to get to know a variety of blacksmithing techniques


In the village blacksmiths demonstrations he will show traditional blacksmithing work. The group can suggest the demonstration topic. Duration approx. 1h PRICE: 50€/Group + 5€/Person. Minimum charge 110€ (inc.VAT).


The function of the village blacksmith demonstrations is for the audience to really experience the hammer and anvil and actually try to forge the glowing iron itself. Duration: approx. 1 ½ h (10 person group, larger groups about 2h) PRICE: 100€/group + 5€/person. Minimum charge 170€ (inc. VAT)


Are you interested to do it yourself? The Blacksmith offers to teach blacksmithing courses, the most popular of which is the Finnish knife-making course. Small groups have good space to smith individual and intensive teaching. Courses are continuously being advertised. Courses will be held when there is a minimum of 4 participants who have registered in good time. You can also put together a group yourself which we can then arrange a course and organize accommodation if need be. 

Contact us, we will tell you more:

Smithy Martti : +358 40 740 1831 or email: martti@hanhiniitty.fi
Sanna +358 50 5487 653 or email: sanna@hanhiniitty.fi