Wild food cruise in Puumala (Products and services)

A new wild service in summer 2020 is the Wild Food Cruise in Puumala, by lake Saimaa. The wild food cruise is a combination of informative wild food course and comfortable sightseeing cruise, put together and with a delicious wild twist.

Guide Arto is an expert of wild edible plants, herbs, berries and mushrooms that grow in Finland forests. Arto organizes courses and foraging tours to the nature. Ecoboat is a nature friendly electric boat, and Arto skipper drives us from Puumala harbour to the beautifull archipelago. During cruise Arto makes the wild food course and gives you information about foraging, using of wild edibles and their health benefits. And of course, we admire the great sceneries as we go..

Eventually we land in Niinisaari island, at the Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate and nature reserve. Arto brings you on a field trip in the Estate lands and you will learn to identify edible plants in practice.

After foraging we enjoy a snack with coffee and tea, and also prepare a wild salad to add wild flavours to the snack.

On the way back you can ask questions and process what we you learned so far, as well as enjoy lake Saimaa. If you are lucky, you might also see a glimps of rare Saimaa ringed seals that live in the area.