Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience (Accommodation, Activities, beaches and ice swimming, holiday cottages)

Discover the secrets of a traditional Finnish sauna, the sauna tradition and the practice of taking a sauna. A traditional finnish sauna experience with the heat of "löyly", cooling off and swimming at the lake – all year round. After spending time in the sauna and enjoying the "löyly", you can cool off by swimming in the lake in the summer. In the winter, you may choose to go ice swimming or take a snow bath.

Includes guidance, sauna, heating the sauna, towels and traditional sauna-snack and drink. This program is available on-demand all year round. Possible to reserve the “palju”-jacuzzi for extraprice 100€.

Duration 2-3 hours, 1-9 person, on-request depending availability all year round.

Price starting from 250€ / + 10€ / person, extrahours 50€ / hour